The Huguenot Society of Maryland

History of Our Society

  The 1960s  
1968:  The Huguenot Society of Maryland was organized on March 31, 1968 in Baltimore, Maryland at the home of William Henry Lloyd, who at that time was the Corresponding Secretary General of the National Huguenot Society (NHS). At this meeting Charles Edgar Hires, the President General of NHS, conducted the investiture of officers of our newly formed society. The Maryland Society became a member of the NHS at the Thirty-Second Annual Congress on April 20, 1968.
1969:  At the Thirty-Third Congress, it was announced  that the National Huguenot Society had been incorporated in the State of Maryland. Also at this congress, the Huguenot Society of Maryland was honored by having its Counselor, Charles Francis Stein, Jr., elected Counselor General, a position he held until his death in 1979.
On Sept. 21, 1969, the Society suffered an incalculable loss in the sudden death of its Founder and President, William Henry Lloyd. In his memory, the Society presented a Maryland state flag at the Thirty-Fourth Congress for inclusion in the NHS' Stand of Colours.
  The 1970s  
1976:  On July 4, 1976, as a Bicentennial Project, the Society held a special ceremony at the Washington Monument in Baltimore during which, John Bryan Jones, placed a wreath in honor of George Washington.
1979:  Mrs. Frances Maitland DuBois, Recording Secretary of the Society, was elected Assistant Registrar General, serving until 1983. In that year, she was elected 2nd Vice President General.
  The 1980s  
1985:  On October 20, 1985, the Society held a Tercentenary Commemorative Service in the Eccleston Chapel at Emmanuel Church in remembrance of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes.
1987:  The NHS awarded the Society with the David V. Prugh Award for membership growth.
  The 1990s  
1991:  The NHS awarded the Society, again, with the David V. Prugh Award for membership growth.
1993:  At the NHS' Fifty-Seventh Annual Congress, Richard Löwer Goodbar, President of the Maryland Society, was elected Assistant Chaplain General of the National Society. In this same year, The Huguenots, Their History and Legacy: Biographies of Ancestors of Members of the Huguenot Society of Maryland was published by editors, Richard Löwer Goodbar, Nan Barton Bushey Cockey, Margaret Patterson Smith Keigler, and Rosemary Ann Goodbar.
1995:  Richard Löwer Goodbar started the newsletter Le Communique de la Societe Huguenote de Mariland. He also designed a membership certificate for the Maryland Society to give to new members.
1996:  The Society established an Essay Contest for high school students with the winner receiving a $1000 scholarship. The contest is held every two years with the winning student reading his/her essay at our May meeting.
1999:  The Society, under the presidency of Mrs. Elizabeth Stansbury Gould, presented a $1000 scholarship to Andrew Ferrand, a 10th grade student at Gilman School for his essay which was published in Le Croix de Languedoc.
  The 2000s  
2003:  The Society's first website was created by Wilfred James Keats, II.
2004:  The Huguenot book published by Richard Löwer Goodbar for the Society in 1993, was updated, revised and published under the editorship of Henry Clint Peden, Jr.
2009:  The Maryland Society withdrew from membership in NHS.
2018:  The Society's new website made its debut on March 19, 2018.
  Presidents of the Society  
  Term of Office   Name
  1968-1969   William Henry Lloyd
  1970-1970   Joseph Henry Tillou
  1971-1972   Mary Stewart Lewis Belitz
  1973-1974   Caleb Winslow, Sr.
  1975-1977   John Bryan Jones
  1977-1979   Charles F. Stein, Jr.
  1979-1982   Edna Coiner Vorous
  1982-1984   Dr. William S. deRosset
  1984-1989   Frances Maitland DuBois
  1989-1989   Margaret Jane Hoehn Stoiko
  1989-1993   Richard Loewer Goodbar
  1993-1995   Louise Winslow Williams
  1995-1997   Margaret Willis Sparrow
  1997-1999   Prof. Barrett Lee McKown
  1999-2001   Elizabeth Stansbury Gauld
  2001-2005   Constance Norris Sparrow
  2005-2007   Prof. Barrett Lee McKown
  2007-2011   Dr. William S. deRosset
  2011-2013   Prof. Barrett Lee McKown
  2013-2018   Constance Norris Sparrow