The Huguenot Society of Maryland
Are You a Huguenot? If so, your ancestors call you!
elcome to The Huguenot Society of Maryland. We are an hereditary society whose objectives are patriotic, religious, historical, and educational. Our intention is to perpetuate the memory, spirit, and deeds of the men and women in France, known as the Huguenots, who were persecuted during the 16th and 17th centuries because of their adherence to the tenets of the Protestant faith and their devotion to freedom and liberty.
We invite you to peruse our site where you'll discover the history of the Huguenots, learn about the legacies of our ancestors, and perhaps even salute the flags. If you have Huguenot ancestors, you may want to join us – click on Become a Member to get the process started. Feel free to let us know, via email, what you like about our new site, and to make suggesstions on things you'd like to see on the site. Our Society President is waiting to hear from you!


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