The Huguenot Society of Maryland

Mission / Purpose

The Huguenot Society of Maryland is an hereditary society whose objectives are patriotic, religious, historical, and educational. The intention is to perpetuate the memory, spirit, and deeds of the men and women in France, known as the Huguenots, who were persecuted during the 16th and 17th centuries because of their adherence to the tenets of the Protestant faith and their devotion to freedom and liberty. These Huguenots emigrated either directly, or through other countries, to North America and contributed, by their character and abilities, to the development of the United States.
Our Society's focus is to:
  • give expression to the Huguenot tenets of faith and liberty and to promote the understanding thereof for the good and welfare of the United States
  • perpetuate the memory and promote the principles and virtues of the Huguenots
  • commemorate the principal events in Huguenot history
  • collect and preserve historical data and relics illustrative of Huguenot life, manners and customs
  • prepare and read before the Society, papers and other material on Huguenot history, genealogy, and collateral subjects
  • gather a library, for the Society's use, comprised of books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and information relating to all Huguenots in general and to those of Maryland in particular
  • encourage and foster the growth of the Society within the State of Maryland
Meeting Information
The Huguenot Society of Maryland holds two membership meetings each year, in March and October, in the Baltimore metropolitan area. An announcment of each meeting date, location, guest speaker, and registration information will be published on our website. 


Operating Year: January - December 2024

President: Constance N Sparrow
1st VP - Programs: Mary Woodfill Park
2nd VP - Arrangements: Dorothy Talmadge Sparrow
Treasurer: William K. de Rosset
Recording Secretary: Marian E. Griffin
Corresponding Secretary: Barrett Lee McKown
Registrar: Vacant
Historian: Wilfred J. Keats, II
Chaplain: Nancy Park Roberts
Sargent of Arms: Vacant
Website Chair: Wilfred J. Keats, II
Finance Chair: M. Hall Worthington
Newsletter: Barrett Lee McKown
At Large: Sallie E. Hewitt